For breeding season 2015 month requested
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Fee for stallion service shall be $500
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Mare owner information:
Robbins Nest Ranch
Dan & Claudia Robbins
78559 Tyler Lane
Boardman, 0R
Breeding Contract
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Reg. #

Reg. #
Booking fee must arrive within 1 week of request, all remaining fees due at time of breeding.
Mare care will be charged at $12.50 per day dry, $15.00 per day wet.  Mare owner is responsible for any nutritional
supplements and/or grains to be fed to their animals while at our ranch.
Upon arrival all mares shall be accompanied by a current health certificate indicating a healthy and breeding sound condition,
neg. culture,  current vaccinations  include equine influenza, sleeping sickness, tetanus and rhinopneumonitis.  Failure to furnish
this certificate is authorization for stallion manager to turn mare away or have the mare examined and vaccinated by a licensed
veterinarian at the owner,s expense.  Mare owner shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by mare or mare/foal while in
possession of Dan or Claudia Robbins,
Robbins Nest Ranch, or any of their agents.
Stallion will diligently attempt to settle mare until June 1st.  Mare owners agrees to give stallion ample opportunity to settle
mare (breeding mare throughout at least two heat cycles or being certified in foal by a licensed veterinarian).  If mare does not
conceive, mare owner may substitute another approved mare with no additional stud fee, however all other terms and
conditions of this contract shall remain the same with the substitute mare.
 No mare care charges, veterinary charges or other
charges incurred by first mare will be refunded.
 No stallion fees will be refunded.
The mare or mare/foal will not be released to the mare owner or agent until all breeding fees, all veterinary fees,
mare care charges, and any other expenses incurred by mare or mare/foal have been paid in full.
Mare care,
veterinary charges shall be billed and paid monthly by mare owner/agent.
All mares or mare/foals delivered shall be halter broke, mares shall have rear shoes removed prior to being delivered to our
breeding facility.  If shoes are not removed, stallion manager shall have shoes removed at mare owners expense.
Mare owners/agent please note:  If mare shows evidence of kicking while in full heat cycle, stallion manager may
use the following options:
1.  Breeding hobbles, if you would like to be present while mare is hobbled, please feel free to do so.
2.  Mare may be sedated.
If  mare is still unmanageable, mare may be sent home and another approved mare may replace her or AI may be
an option.
All reasonable effort will be made to insure that the mare or mare/foal will be kept safe and healthy.  Stallion owners,
Robbins Nest Ranch, or their agents will not be held liable for the loss of any mare or mare/foal including but not limited to
accident, sickness, death, theft.  Stallion manager will exercise every reasonable judgement in the supervision of mare or
In the event of injury, illness or accident,
Robbins Nest Ranch, or agents shall make every effort to contact mare owner.  If
mare owner is not available, mare owner authorizes stallion manager/owner to provide for care of mare or mare/foal in the
mare owners absence.  Mare owner shall be responsible for any charges or veterinary charges incurred.
All mares must be vaccinated against "Rhino Pnuemonitis" Pneumon-Abort in the fifth (5th), Seventh (7th) and Ninth (9th)
months of pregnancy, proof of which may be required.  If mare owner fails to keep mare current on these vaccinations, LFG
will not be honored.
A live foal that stands and nurses for 72 hours.  If mare does not settle, conceive or produce a live colored foal, a return
breeding during the current season or the following season will be allowed.  Mare may be rebred the following season from
original breeding date with no additional stallion fee required.


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